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Is your website outstanding? Does it attract and hold a viewer’s attention? Is navigation easy? Or is your competitor’s website more interesting?

MerloDesign is a small, San Francisco Bay Area web design company devoted to meeting your personal needs. We offer small business web site design solutions at affordable, competitive prices.

Many business and professional web sites look alike. They have often been developed from a web design template, with a “cookie cutter” look. If you want your website to stand out and keep a viewer’s attention, why not use your own colors and an original design, one that your viewers will remember and return to.

I design custom web sites that are attractive, easy to navigate, and that contain all relevant information. If you are a small-business owner who wants your website to grab and keep the attention of potential clients, encouraging them to make a YES decision to do business with you, contact me. We will create a plan to create the affordable professional web site that meets your goals and has your look.

Outstanding websites attract outstanding customers.

Mobile-Friendly - If your website is not mobile friendly, Google will penalize it. When your site is mobile friendly, Google raises its rating. This makes it essential for your site to look and function correctly on the smart phone and tablet.

Merlo Design creates your website so that it adapts to the different screen sizes used today. Whether someone accesses your website from a horizontal laptop, vertical or horizontal tablet or phone, it works perfectly, allowing the user to explore your website on various devices and screen sizes. Your site looks great and works perfectly all the time.

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WordPress Expertise – WordPress is search-engine friendly and provides a scalable and reliable solution to your website requirements. It offers many add- on features that gives your site a high-quality look and functionality.

Essentially, it provides a full-featured system for the web that allows you to manage content easily. You can add content and even pages, as you choose. It is scaleable, ready for the open web. As your business evolves, your website can evolve as well. MerloDesign has WordPress expertise and is ready to help you.